High School Seniors

Thank you for considering The Beach House for your senior trip! We have provided a safe and fun place for many senior groups in the past and look forward to providing the same for you. You will find that many places either don’t rent to High School Seniors, are run down dumps, or rent to you but look for any little reason to throw you out when you arrive. We are none of the above. Our places are nice and clean, with a cool beachy atmosphere perfect for seniors. We do our best to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime, and just about every group that has stayed with us has had an amazing time. Now, to be clear, that does not mean you can just do anything you please (See Policies and Info page for specific rules). They are mainly in place so that they can be enforced if need be. If your group is reasonable and respectable to us we will be the same with you.

Reservation Process: Please complete your reservation through our reservations page or give us a call. You will be provided an electronic contract for the person making the reservation to sign. You will also be provided a paper copy so all guests and parents of those under 18 can sign spreading the liability to all group members.. The first payment of 50% is due along with the reservation through PayPal and the balance on April 1st. In addition, there is a refundable security deposit of $50 per person which is due at check-in. Once you have made your initial payment it is non-refundable, however, you may add and/or swap guests at anytime.

Reserve a Unit now, call us at 443-856-5241 or contact us.